fuck everything


I just noticed something that I had completely missed about a week ago, I’m a fucking terrible person.

I missed the most important text from the most important person in my life when he needed me the most. I’m such a failure. Don’t you ever call yourself that, and I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you.

Tonight I lost the man I hoped to one day call my husband. I’ve fucked up a lot of things but what I want most is for him to be happy. He’s a great man and I’d kill anyone who wouldn’t treat him right. I’ll love you always, Ed.

While I still have much more to think about and say, I’ll save it for the time I see you again.

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Cat doesn’t want to get out of nice warm bath. [x]

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a drunk driver killed someone i love. i thought maybe, if i kept it up, i might hear something back…

This is so beyond heart breaking, yet so extremely powerful. Never forget to tell your family, friends, and others you love them. It may be the last time you do so!

I’m sobbing.

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So today in English my Professor was talking about the word persona and he asked where did it originate from and I said Latin and he got really excited and he got more excited when I explained it’s like a mask you wear. And he was like “wow you knew all of that” 
and I was like 

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